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Bim Afolami MP, Economic Secretary to the Treasury

Bim Afolami MP.jpgBim Afolami was appointed as City Minister in the November 2023 Cabinet re-shuffle and has had regular engagement with the industry through the Regulatory Reform Group, on the passage of the Financial Services and Markets Act and the reform of Solvency II. Mr Afolami spoke at an ABI party conference panel event in 2022 highlighting the role of our sector as a driver for growth in the UK economy.

Bim Afolami has been the MP for Hitchin and Harpenden since 2017 and before entering government he Chaired the Financial Services and Markets All Party Parliamentary Group, which was actively engaged with industry during the HM Treasury consultations on the Future Regulatory Framework. Since taking office as City Minister, we have seen positive progress on the government’s proposals for measuring regulators success against the new secondary growth objective and we look forward to hearing more on the Minister’s priorities for our sector ahead of the Spring Budget.