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Selina Flavius, Founder and CEO, Black Girl Finance

Selina Flavius.jpgSelina Flavius is the founder of the financial coaching and training company Black Girl Finance; she hosts a podcast of the same name and is the author of the personal-finance Book Black Girl Finance -Let's talk money and creator of the event Black Girl Finance Festival. She is on a mission to make money conversations more inclusive and is the recipient of a British Bank Award. 

After a 15-year career in business development, she decided to follow her passion for finance and launch a safe space for Black women and women of colour to talk about money. She also contributes to discussions in the UK media about financial inequality and worked as a contributor to the Money and Pension Service's 10-year financial well-being Strategy. She was previously part of ITV Lorraine's saver squad, brought together to help viewers tackle the cost of living crisis, and is an ambassador for the charity surviving economic abuse, as well as an adviser to charity Brook Sexual health and wellbeing charity. Outside of work she is a mum of one, a huge Beyonce fan and loves yoga.