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Dr Anushka Patchava, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Vitality

Anushka Patchava.jpgAnushka is an experienced executive with a demonstrated track record spanning 10+ years, operating at a strategic and operational level. She has worked across product innovation, commercial strategy and digital transformation in the financial services (health insurance), healthcare (provider), pharmaceutical and medical device sector. Anushka qualified and practiced as a medical doctor (surgeon and radiologist) in the UK and US prior to joining consulting for 2-year period and then migrating into industry. She has self-taught Python and has applied the principles of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to deliver data-driven and technology-enabled business change. She serves as an expert advisor in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain at the United Nations (CEFACT) and as a Technology Board Member at a mid-sized European Private Equity Firm, SilverFleet Capital. She has worked or lived in multiple geographies including United States, Dubai, Thailand, India, United Kingdom, Singapore and South Korea and is most interested in leveraging technology to transform health systems and disruptive growth strategies. She was the 2nd youngest person to run the London Marathon in 2003 and remains active climbing mountains or lifting barbells today. She is currently undertaking an Executive MBA at London Business School and was awarded the 30% Women’s scholarship in 2020.