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The Annual Conference Series 2023: The ghost of past, present and future: Engaging long-term savings customers in a digital world

Recorded: 21/02/2023

Duration: 1 hour

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The ABI Annual Conference 2023 was the standout insurance event of the year, bringing industry leaders, politicians and regulators together to debate the major issues affecting the insurance and long term savings industry.

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Presentation followed by panel discussion on engaging customers with their long-term savings and how it has long been a challenging task. To some, reminders of their retirement saving progress might feel like a tour with the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come in a bleak future. Some of these discussion points were:

  • How can the long-term industry empower customers to start making changes, if they don’t like the future they see?
  • What is the industry doing already, and does regulation help or hinder them?

While the availability of digital communications has increased the number of potential engagement points, it might not necessarily lead to better customer decisions or outcomes. Reflecting on our Engagement Season campaign and the development of pensions dashboards, this breakout session explored what a digital customer journey could look like and the latest technological developments which long-term savings providers should monitor and embrace.

Breakout Session speakers:
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