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Love Actuary: How insurance can save Christmas

As we draw ever closer to the big day, we’ve been mulling over some Christmas movie classics that could’ve benefited from the right insurance policy. Our brief critical analysis (ie -  a movie day last weekend) drilled home our belief that insurance really can touch every aspect of day-to-day life, even in the mythical town of Whoville. 

Home Alone

A stone-cold classic. This film has been running for 27 years and its charming sense of thrill and adventure hasn’t aged a bit. Kevin runs riot around the home whilst fending off the futile attempts of intruders Harry and Merv, causing significant damage to the inside of the house in the process. The McCallister family were undoubtedly in need of some home insurance cover to help repair the damage – hopefully they’d made sure accidental damage cover was also included.

The Grinch

The grumpy green Grinch, perfectly portrayed by Jim Carrey, is well known for his mischievous pre-holiday antics. He causes chaos in Whoville when he decides to steal everyone’s presents from beneath their trees just before Christmas morning. Luckily, most standard contents insurance policies will increase the amount you’re covered for during the festive period to make sure gifts are insured, so the residents of Whoville could still have celebrated the big day.


This film has done a fantastic job of cementing its position in the hall of fame alongside classics that have been around for decades. Will Ferrell’s childlike persona and “SANTA, OH MY GOD” won over viewers all around the world, but could Santa’s technical sleigh difficulties have been solved more efficiently in the last few scenes of the film? Relying on dwindling Christmas spirit is problematic at best – perhaps a breakdown policy would’ve been a more reliable option to get Santa’s sleigh back in the air?

The Santa Clause

This film is full of magic and wonder, and is certain to get you in the festive mood as you follow Scott’s transition into the role of Santa. However, my literal-thinking brain can’t help but question whether the policy of ‘you killed him, so you replace him’ is a little over the top, to say the least? It stinks of archaic regicide and could surely have been avoided with a simple employers’ liability policy.

So there you have it – Christmas classics that desperately needed an insurance policy to save the day – we’re sure there are more!  Avoid unnecessary festive dramas in your own life by making sure you’ve got the right cover - watch our own movie productions at http://insuranceexperiments.org.uk/ to find out more.

Last updated 22/12/2017