• Gone in 60 Months


    “We’ll be right back after this constitutional break.” That’s the current message from the government – from HM Treasury and HMRC, who are cancelling meetings on a daily basis, denuding diaries of engagement opportunities....

  • Data & Analytics internships at the ABI


    We caught up with our current Data & Analytics intake to talk about, what they love about working here, a typical day and what they hope to get out of their internship...

  • Implementing operational resilience in a complex insurance ecosystem


    Over the last few years the sector has seen more cyber-attacks and firms are increasingly reliant on technology and automation. To respond, financial sector regulators are bringing their focus on…

  • Oversight in the distribution chain - a game of Chinese whispers?


    Regulatory interest in the distribution chain is not new. However, from the Insurance Distribution Directive and the FCA’s Thematic Review on the general insurance distribution chain in the…

  • The robots are coming or are they?


    It doesn’t feel like a long time since the FCA and HMT published the Financial Advice Market Review...

  • Keeping Diversity on the agenda in Parliament


    In the final full week of this most unusual parliamentary session, the ABI Public Affairs team have been working to utilise every opportunity for engagement before parliament enters campaign mode.

  • Divorce - mind the pensions gap


    My son once declared “I’m never getting married!”  He went on to elaborate “If you were told that you had slightly better than a 1 in two chance of your parachute opening…

  • IFRS 17 the final straight


    For a journey that started back in 2001[1] surely we must be in the final straight by now?! For most companies however, the finish line still feels quite far away. The implementation challenge has a…

  • Framing operational resilience


    Some time ago it was fashionable to see organisations as individuals, or at least to draw comparisons between how organisations and individuals behave. International relations theories, such as…

  • On King Canute and the Argument for a Single Pensions Dashboard


    Pensions dashboards

    In some senses the pensions industry is as predictable as the tides. No matter how many times the argument around single or multiple dashboards appears to have been put to bed, whenever it is queried…