• Brexit chicken


    In the famous 1955 film Rebel Without a Cause, James Dean and Corey Allen race stolen cars towards a cliff edge in the classic game of chicken, where the loser is the first driver to jump out of the car.

  • Brexit: EIOPA fails the test of imagination


    I spoke on a Panel in Washington last week, at the EU-US Insurance Symposium, a regulatory/industry forum. The Panel was about Brexit. Distance lends perspective, the sages maintain, and certainly…

  • Sam’s PRAsserie


    This week Sam Woods referred to Solvency II indigestion, and suggested that some tweaks and amendments were needed by way of digestif. Now this is language that the ABI understands (and yes, we have…

  • SOLVENCY II : I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost


    Since the Referendum there has been a UK debate, some of it well informed, about the influence of EU bodies on British regulation. The opposite debate takes place in Europe and ghostbusters, armed…

  • Trade in financial services: clear the right obstacles


    Financial services are among the UK’s most successful exports, totalling 3.5% of GDP in 2015. How can the UK most effectively open markets for trade in financial services?

  • Chinese market highly attractive but entry should not be undertaken lightly


    China was a major target market for UK insurers, in particular those in the Long Term Savings sector, long before the Brexit vote. That vote, however, brought into sharp focus how important it will be for UK insurers to look beyond Europe as it seeks to expand overseas and make the best of Brexit.