• Finding the right path


    It is in many ways too early to tell what the full pension freedoms story is. But it requires a major shift in communication needs that has not been examined in enough detail in the five years since…

  • One size doesn’t fit all


    It is one of the generally accepted facts of the modern world that other than in the musical stylings of Frank Zappa, one size does not fit all. From exercise regimens to entertainment, people increasingly expect goods and services...

  • The robots are coming or are they?


    It doesn’t feel like a long time since the FCA and HMT published the Financial Advice Market Review...

  • On King Canute and the Argument for a Single Pensions Dashboard


    Pensions dashboards

    In some senses the pensions industry is as predictable as the tides. No matter how many times the argument around single or multiple dashboards appears to have been put to bed, whenever it is queried…

  • Risks and Benefits of Pensions Dashboards


    Pensions dashboards

    A great deal has been written about Pensions Dashboards since DWP published their feasibility study in December last year. Much of this coverage has focussed on perceived risks that could be created and on the multiple dashboards model proposed by the department

  • Pensions Dashboards: Three final steps to guarantee their successful future


    Pensions dashboards

    A remarkable level of consensus has emerged around pensions dashboards, with industry, Government and consumer groups all in agreement about the value of giving people easy access to information…

  • Open Sesame: Unlocking the truth about the pensions dashboard


    Pensions dashboards

    Last weekend was Pension Awareness Day and we’ve just launched our own campaign to encourage younger workers to Love Your Pension.

  • The last mile is always the hardest: delivering the pensions dashboard


    Pensions dashboards

    When implementing any form of digital infrastructure, the last mile that takes the product to the consumer is always the most difficult. This is true for internet provision, electricity and phone…