• Trade in financial services: clear the right obstacles


    Financial services are among the UK’s most successful exports, totalling 3.5% of GDP in 2015. How can the UK most effectively open markets for trade in financial services?

  • Chinese market highly attractive but entry should not be undertaken lightly


    China was a major target market for UK insurers, in particular those in the Long Term Savings sector, long before the Brexit vote. That vote, however, brought into sharp focus how important it will be for UK insurers to look beyond Europe as it seeks to expand overseas and make the best of Brexit.

  • Challenges and opportunities for the insurance industry in 2016


    Director General, Association of British Insurers 2016 promises to be a big year with a referendum that could decide not only Britain’s place in the world but the future of the Conservative party’s…

  • European Parliament elections: what it means for the insurance industry


    Never has there been so much speculation ahead of European Parliamentary elections in the UK, yet still so much surprise when what was predicted actually happened. The UKIP tremors turned into an…

  • Solvency II: a multi-limbed creature


    On a trip to Taiwan for this week's International Association of Insurance Supervisors conference, I found myself confronted with a local delicacy in the form of a rather generous…

  • Welcome to the ABI Conference 2013


    Today the ABI is hosting the UK’s biggest insurance industry conference where speakers from the worlds of industry, regulation and politics will come together to grapple with the “Challenges of a…

  • ‘Identifying the Challenges of a Changing World’


    Why bother trying to predict the future? Hopefully this won’t be a question being asked by readers of ‘Identifying the Challenges of a Changing World which is being published by the ABI ahead…

  • Solvency II: green light, or car crash?


    There is a fine old French card game called Mille Bornes, based on a car road race. Players have to travel 1000 kilometers by playing distance cards. Sounds easy, but your opponents are trying to…

  • Margaret Thatcher – lessons in leadership?


    Margaret Thatcher's death has provoked a predictable stream of tributes, insults and reminiscences from the political and media establishment. But what did her premiership tell us about political…

  • The EU Referendum: David Cameron’s Big Gamble


    As regular readers of this blog will know, I like my ‘5 points’ as a device to present an argument. Today the PM was at it as well – pivoting his EU speech around 5 principles on which the future…