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"Reforms to whiplash claims cannot come soon enough"

Commenting on the Government's Prisons and Courts Bill, which includes plans to cap whiplash compensation pay-outs and raise the small claims limit for road traffic accident claims, James Dalton, Director of General Insurance Policy, Association of British Insurers, said:
“The reforms to whiplash claims set out in the Bill cannot come soon enough. For far too long claimant lawyers have been defending a system riddled with exaggerated and fraudulent claims because they have been profiting handsomely from it. The gravy train must stop. Motorists know that the UK's roads have been getting ever safer, so why have whiplash style claims been rising? People want an  insurance claims system that provides compensation and support to those who genuinely need it. What they don't want is to be plagued by spam calls and texts from ambulance chasers, whilst personal injury lawyers continue to profit from a broken system in urgent need of reform."

Last updated 28/03/2017