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Travel insurance Kane be a lifesaver at the World Cup in Russia

ABI urges England fans to Harry up and get travel insurance protection before they leave for Russia or risk facing Dier consequences.  

England supporters planning to travel to the World Cup in Russia next month are being urged by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) to ensure that they have adequate travel insurance cover before they go.

Cover against needing emergency medical treatment is especially important, as the costs of falling ill in Russia can be very high, and the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) does not apply there. Examples of how travel insurance has come to the aid of UK travellers in Russia include:

  • A woman who spent six days in hospital to recover from a stroke and needed a nurse to accompany her back to the UK had her £28,000 medical bill paid by her travel insurer.
  • A man who suffered a heart attackhad his £22,000 medical bill covered by travel insurance.
  • Travel insurance paid the £20,000 medical bill for treating a blocked intestine.

Charlie Campbell, Senior Policy Adviser, Protection, Health and Travel, at the ABI said:

England fans travelling to Russia without travel insurance will have scored a massive own goal before a ball is kicked. England may have an uphill task at the tournament, but fans travelling without insurance cover will be as vulnerable as an England team without a goalkeeper. Travel insurance could cost you less than the price of an airport meal and provide you with vital protection should things go wrong.”

The ABI’s top travel insurance tips for England’s travelling fans are:

  • Make sure that you have adequate travel insurance before you leave. This is especially important to cover any emergency medical treatment costs, as the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) does not apply in Russia.

  • Don’t just buy the cheapest policy. Travel insurance is very competitively priced and could cost you less than the price of a meal at the airport, but always make sure that the policy covers your needs, and don’t simply buy the cheapest on offer.

  • Fully disclose any pre-existing medical conditions. You may need to shop around, go to a specialist travel insurer or insurance broker to get a policy that covers any existing medical condition.

  • Check your travel insurance terms and conditions carefully before you go, so that you understand the scope of cover, limits, and conditions.

  • Take any emergency contact details of your travel insurer with you, should you need to contact them urgently.

  • Leave expensive items like laptops, iPads, and jewellery, at home as they are a magnet for thieves. Travel insurance policies will give limited cover for your possessions, so check your cover.

  • Go easy on the alcohol. Excess alcohol could leave you more at risk of suffering an injury or being a victim of crime. And if your claim is as result of excessive alcohol, then you may not be covered by your travel insurance.

  • Follow UK Government advice: www.gov.uk/guidance/be-on-the-ball-world-cup-2018 



Last updated 01/06/2018