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ABI’s cross-industry campaign Securing Futures launches at Westminster

  • Campaign launched at parliamentary reception 
  • Westminster station advertising campaign amplifying role of insurance and long-term savings to run this month

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has launched its new #SecuringFutures campaign, demonstrating to politicians and the public how the insurance and long-term savings industry underpins society. 

Launched at a reception in Parliament last night, the advertising campaign is visible at Westminster station, across digital channels and in key political publications*. It shines a spotlight on the industry’s fundamental role in providing security and peace of mind in an insecure world.  

#SecuringFutures also highlights the purpose of the insurance and long-term savings sector to provide the assuredness and resilience needed to achieve long-term economic stability. Whether preparing for the future, investing for the future, innovating for the future, or securing for it, the industry provides customers with confidence and care.  

The insurance and long-term savings industry is #SecuringFutures through**: 

  • Securing 320,000 jobs across the UK. The insurance and long-term savings sector is the biggest in Europe. 
  • Securing a happy retirement for generations through paying out £184 million daily to UK pension holders last year. 
  • Securing property should trouble strike by paying over £38 million in claims daily to property and motor insurance customers last year. 
  • Securing homes and livelihoods from floods. More than £18 million was paid out monthly to those who suffered flood damage last year. 
  • Securing peace of mind for travellers. Over £250 million was paid out by insurers to support travellers abroad in 2020. 
  • Securing the UK against the threat of cyber-crime. The insurance and long-term savings industry supports UK businesses, one in ten of which faced a data hack last year. 
  • Securing vehicles to get customers back on the road – last year, 99 per cent of all motor insurance claims were paid by the insurance and long-term savings industry.  
  • Securing our treasured pets. Insurers handled more than £2million in pet insurance claims daily last year.
  • Securing families when the worst happens. More than £18 million was paid out daily in life insurance, critical illness and protection claims last year. 

Hannah Gurga Profile 500x500.jpgHannah Gurga, ABI Director General, said:

The insurance and long-term savings industry is firmly rooted in society and exists to keep people and communities secure. Our members are experts in managing risk and the security they give customers is paramount in helping them to live their lives to the full while planning for an uncertain future. This campaign showcases the purpose of our sector and the care shown to customers every day. In the 300 years since the industry was established, the nature of the risks society faces has transformed but its purpose remains the same: to secure futures across the UK.” 

You can read Hannah's remarks in full here


Barry ODwyer.jpgBarry O’Dwyer, ABI President and Royal London Group CEO said:

“The opportunity for the insurance and long-term savings industry to serve society is greater than ever. In an increasingly uncertain world, our sector is investing in communities and supporting its customers in a challenging environment. Whether building financial resilience, helping people prepare for later life or providing peace of mind should trouble strike, our sector is at the forefront, securing futures in partnership with Government, businesses and regulators.” 

 Notes to Editors 

* The Westminster station advertising campaign will run until 21st November 2022. 

** More information on the UK insurance and long-term savings industry's significant contribution to the economy and society is available in the ABI’s Key Facts document. 

For more information contact the Press Office.

Last updated 09/11/2022