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King’s Speech: ABI response

In response to the King’s Speech delivered today by HM King Charles III, we welcome the focus on economic growth, investment in the UK and the strengthening of our energy independence.

Hannah Gurga, ABI Director General, says:

Hannah Gurga Profile 500x500.jpg“Our world-leading insurance and long-term savings industry has a key role to play in driving economic growth, boosting investment in the UK and supporting the transition to Net Zero. The introduction of Solvency UK will enable our sector to invest £100bn into green and good projects, and we stand ready to work with government and the investment community to drive this funding into UK infrastructure through our Investment Delivery Forum.

“We’ll continue to work with government and our members to deliver on this and support legislative progress across this next Parliamentary session.”


On the introduction of the Automated Vehicles Bill, Mervyn Skeet, ABI Director of General Insurance Policy, says:

MERVYN_SKEET_500x500.png“We welcome the introduction of legislation for Self-Driving Vehicles. We’ve long been calling for a regulatory framework that ensures their safe roll-out and firmly establishes the UK as a world leader for this technology.

“It’s critical that the regulations enable relevant data-sharing between the vehicle manufacturers and insurers in the interests of motorists and both industries. We also want to see clear definitions and distinctions between automated driving technology and assisted driving technology to support the public communications that will be required. It will be vital that people understand the capabilities of the vehicles they’re driving and are able to use them safely. We look forward to working further with the government as the legislation progresses.”


More information: ABI Press Office

Last updated 07/11/2023