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Pensions Dashboards Update: ABI Response

The Minister for Pensions has published an update on Pensions Dashboards.

Yvonne Braun.jpgABI Director of Long-Term Savings Policy Dr Yvonne Braun, said: 

“Pensions dashboards could be truly transformational for savers and we remain supportive of the government’s reset of the delivery programme. It’s important to work through these complex and technical issues to ensure a smooth launch for firms and customers alike.

"Our members have indicated they’re willing and able to continue to comply with a voluntary timetable, although it would have been our preference that these remained a regulatory requirement to prevent a last-minute rush of firms connecting to the system. We ask that government keeps this under review and considers making the staggered dates a regulatory requirement again if it should become clear that the wider industry is not taking the same approach.

"We all want to see the pensions dashboards programme reach its full potential and a genuinely collaborative approach with industry will be essential, including on deciding when dashboards will be made available to customers.”

Last updated 12/06/2023