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Insurance industry group launches campaign to show the ‘power of the premium’

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  • Campaign is aimed at explaining the principles of insurance
  • Uses poignant animation to show crucial role of cover in post-crash convalescence
  • Aims to demonstrate what a consumer’s premium pays for, even if they never claim

A campaign is being launched today to demonstrate the core principles of insurance and help consumers understand what their premium pays for.

Dad Comes Home, from the ABI (Association of British Insurers) - that represents the insurance and long-term savings industry - tells of a dad recovering after a serious road traffic incident, through the eyes of his seven-year-old son.

In the ad, the boy’s mum explains what the insurance system will deliver following the father being rear-ended by another driver. This includes paying for a carer so mum can keep working, physiotherapy, a wheelchair-accessible car and providing money to cover dad’s wages while he gets better.1

It proceeds to explain the principles of insurance - how the premiums of the many pay the claims of the few - not just in the case of car accidents but with life, contents and travel insurance too.

The campaign has been produced by Outmost Studio and directed by Olly Lawer, who ABI selected for his experience in delivering emotive campaigns such as ‘Outsmart Epidemics’ for the Wellcome Trust and Zurich’s ‘Youth Against Carbon’ campaign.

The film will deploy from today across digital channels including YouTube and is supported with paid social, digital advertising, PR, select influencer partnerships and stakeholder relations.

It was created under a rationale of helping the public understand that most of their premium goes to pay for other people’s claims and many of these involve crucial and expensive long-term care for those involved in serious collisions. In fact, 30% of all monies paid out by motor insurers goes to cover bodily injury to the driver, another motorist, passenger or pedestrian.

Chris Blackwood, ABI’s head of campaigns and marketing said: 

Most people ‘click and forget’ with insurance as they’re (fortunately) unlikely to claim. So, with this campaign we want to show people that their premium carries value in providing a crucial lifeline to those involved in the most severe, often life-changing incidents.”

Olly Lawer, Creative Director at Outmost Studio added:

We love this kind of creative challenge as it brings to the forefront the two most potent aspects of animated video production: perception and storytelling. Simply extolling the virtues of insurance wasn’t going to cut it. We demonstrate the value of insurance through the innocence of childhood curiosity. This delivers the key message, which is further reinforced as we move through scenes featuring the care provided.


Notes to editors: 

  1. The animation depicts a fictional but illustrative insurance claim against the at-fault driver who rear-ends the father character at the beginning of the story.


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More about the ABI can be found here


Last updated 18/04/2024