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ABI launches cyber safety tool to help SMEs boost security

ABI launches cyber safety tool to help SMEs boost security

  • Interactive tool assesses business and delivers bespoke guidance
  • ABI tool is free to use. White label option for interested companies
  • Tool assesses tech set up but also company working practices and protocols

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has launched a free interactive tool to help SMEs assess their cyber security and plug any identified gaps.

The Cyber Safety Tool asks a small number of questions to the business owner in order to assess potential cyber security weaknesses and produces a bespoke set of recommendations to fix any identified flaws.

Cyber attacks on businesses cost those companies an average of £15,300 in losses, yet more than 80% of cyber crimes could be prevented with simple cyber hygiene.*

The tool has been created using expertise from within the insurance industry but also utilises identified best practice and protocols from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

Its recommendations span company culture and training, password management, software, crisis planning, back-ups and appropriate access, but also include guidance on great free apps and programmes to use, and a range of tips to better protect a business from cyber criminals.

The ABI has designed the tool for any interested party to white-label, in order to disseminate good cyber practice as far through the SME ecosystem as possible.

MarkShepherd500x500Oct2019.jpgMark Shepherd, ABI’s Head of General Insurance Policy said: “We know that cyber security can sometimes fall a long way down the to-do list for today’s busy business owner, so we’ve designed a tool that is easy to understand and will quickly provide business-owners with practical guidance on cyber safety.”



Notes to editors: 

* Statistics referenced are sourced from the Government’s Cyber security breaches survey 2023

More information: ABI Press Office

Last updated 28/09/2023