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ABI Comment on MOT Extension

With the evolving Coronavirus situation resulting in the closure of garages and limited availability of MOTs, Government have announced an automatic extension of 6 months for MOT certificates due from 30 March onwards.

Commenting on the announcement, an ABI spokesperson said:

"In this unprecedented situation, insurers will not penalise you if you can't get an MOT. Safety is paramount so check your brakes, tyres and lights before driving.”

You can read the full announcement here on the Department for Transport website.

If your MOT is due now you should still try and get your car tested, provided you're following government advice on avoiding non-essential travel and social distancing.

If you cannot get an MOT before it's due and before the exemptions come into force, insurers will take a pragmatic approach and not penalise you for something out of your control.




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Last updated 25/03/2020