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Trade credit insurance provides cover against the risk of businesses not being paid for goods or services that they sell, whilst also giving businesses access to detailed information and guidance on all aspects of trade from industry experts. Hence, trade credit insurance provides the key to successful trade. It champions innovation whilst also maintaining the highest standards of performance that only many decades of supporting businesses around the globe can bring. 

Trade credit insurance is an enabler for businesses with almost 14,000 policies taken out by British companies in 2021 not only to protect their business, but also to see it grow. In 2021, ABI members insured almost £320 billion of turnover and enabled numerous trading partnerships to flourish. 

These webpages explains what trade credit insurance is, how it works and the benefits it can bring to businesses of all sizes who trade in the UK. They provide details of the types of different policies available and how a business can take out suitable trade credit insurance. 




What Trade Credit Insurance covers

Trade credit insurance covers businesses in case customers fail to pay debts or pay later than agreed.

What does trade credit insurance cover ?

Trade Credit Insurance in action

These four case studies provide real-world examples of the benefits of having trade credit insurance.

Trade credit insurance in action

How Trade Credit Insurance works

This infographic shows how trade credit insurance works between the Policyholder and their Customer.

How Trade Credit Insurance works

Buying Trade Credit Insurance

Trade credit insurance is available to businesses of all sizes, across any sector that supplies goods or services on credit terms.  

Buying Trade Credit Insurance

Benefits of Trade Credit Insurance

Trade credit insurance benefits all types of businesses, regardless of size or sector, whether trading domestically or globally.

Benefits of Trade Credit Insurance