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Getting insurance after making a subsidence claim

Homeowners often find it difficult or expensive to get home insurance after making a subsidence claim.

Getting cover from your current insurance provider:

Under ABI guidance, ABI member companies are committed to working with policyholders to manage ongoing subsidence risk and maintain cover, however, there may be circumstances where continuation of cover is not possible.

Getting cover from a new insurance provider

If your property is still at risk of subsidence you may have to pay a higher premium than other homeowners and your policy may be subject to different terms and conditions.

If your home has suffered from subsidence damage in the past and you want to change your insurance provider, contact an insurance broker through the British Insurance Brokers' Association (BIBA) for specialist advice.

If you discover subsidence damage after changing your insurance provider

If you change insurer and then discover subsidence damage, the ABI's subsidence claim handling agreement will help determine whether your previous or current insurer should handle your claim. The decision will be based on the amount of time that has passed between you switching insurer, discovering subsidence damage, and notifying your insurer:

  • if the date of notification is within eight weeks of changing insurance provider your previous insurer will handle your claim
  • if the date of notification is between eight weeks and one year of switching provider then your previous and current insurers will share the cost of your claim
  • if the date of notification is more than a year after you switched insurers your current insurance provider will deal with your claim
For more information on preventing and dealing with subsidence damage see the ABI guide to protecting your home from subsidence damage (pdf 50.2kB).