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Case study 25: Zurich vulnerable customer awareness online training module

In addition to providing face-to-face vulnerable customer awareness training to over 850 frontline staff, all staff are now required to complete in-house online vulnerable customer awareness training modules. Zurich felt it was important to provide visibility and understanding to all staff given the varying level and types of vulnerability present within their client base.

Designed to be thought provoking and interactive, the module is split into three segments:

 - To promote understanding of vulnerability;

 - Understand how best to identify vulnerable customers;

 - How to support vulnerable people - not just within their customer base but within the working environment too.

The module aims to help employees consider the things often taken for granted on a daily basis, against those people who live their lives through a different lens. It also provides an interactive element which raises awareness to the level of vulnerability, and the less visible vulnerabilities that are less well known.