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The ABI and industry experts’ take on what pensions dashboards could do and the challenges ahead.

Retirement Income in the multiverse of projections

Evey Tang discusses how retirement income projections can be inconsistent across different providers and income forecast you receive, even from the same provider, could be based on different assumptions. 

Pensions Dashboards: The blind men’s elephant

The ABI launched two reports on the future of Pensions Dashboards in February 2022. The research projects looked at the industry’s expectations of dashboards and user reaction to different potential dashboards functions respectively.

Pensions Dashboards: Three Ways to Get the UK Saving

In this blog, Capco’s Sanjiva Perera and Jamie Saunders share how pensions providers can use upcoming Pensions Dashboard demands to strengthen their competitive advantage while incentivising UK savers to engage with their finances.

The Pensions Industry Needs to Clean the Stables

Matt Burrell, assesses the challenges ahead for pension providers to ensure Pensions Dashboards are implemented successfully following the recent call for input on data standards by The Pensions Dashboards Programme.

Press releases on Pensions Dashboards