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Insurance fraud is when someone invents or exaggerates a claim, or does not tell the truth in order to obtain cheaper cover. It is a serious crime which can result in a criminal conviction and even imprisonment.

The ABI estimates that fraud adds, on average, an extra £50 to the annual insurance bill for every UK policyholder. In 2014, insurers uncovered 130,000 fraudulent claims worth £1.32 billion across all insurance products. This is why insurers invest at least £200 million each year to identify fraud.   

In addition to improving their own anti-fraud systems, insurance firms fund industry initiatives including:

Reducing and deterring fraud remains a priority for the insurance industry. Our industry has a zero tolerance approach to weeding out the cheats.  

Reporting insurance fraud

If you suspect someone of insurance fraud report them to the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) Cheatline by calling 0800 422 0421 or by filling out a form on the IFB’s website.

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