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ABI Diversity and Inclusion

Welcome to the ABI's Diversity & Inclusion hub. 

The industry is changing fast to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving world and the ABI recognises that improving the sector’s diversity and inclusion is vital to its future success.

This site provides further information on what the ABI is doing to promote diversity and inclusion in the industry and within the organisation. 

Women in Finance

The ABI and 44 of its members are signatories of the Women and Finance Charter with targets to support the representation of women in management.

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Future Leaders

The ABI's Future Leaders programme provides a development opportunity for up and coming leaders and ensures there is a good gender balance among intake.

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ABI Careers

To find out about working at the ABI, please visit our Careers page.

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Tackling the gender seniority gap

The report commissioned by the ABI from research consultancy Public First looks at the barriers to women getting top jobs. 

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Helping Britain Thrive

Find out how our members are helping to build a diverse industry and develop new skills for different generations, please visit our Help Britain Thrive page.

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For further information on the ABI's work on diversity, please contact the ABI's Advocacy Adviser, Isobel Graham.

Key contacts 

Yvonne Braun

Director of Policy, Long Term Savings and Protection

Katy Murray & Chloe Tait

Managers, Job Share Portal Campaign

Emma Phillips

Assistant Director, Head of Human Resources