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Exploring the regulatory expectations on the value of insurance products


Where: Webinar - Link will be shared with registered delegates on the morning of the event

Registration: 10.25

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This event will be delivered as a live webinar. Register before bookings close at 17:00 on Wednesday 9 June 2021.

Value across insurance products has been a regulatory focus for some time, but the events of Covid-19 have strengthened the regulator’s scrutiny of the value that is being provided by policy contracts. This can be demonstrated by the FCA’s recent guidance on the value of insurance products and by their work on GI value measures and on the GI distribution chain. The regulators are also in the process of finalising their rules on value for money in the pensions space.

Due to the regulator’s ever-growing interest on value for money in the general insurance and long-term savings sector, this event will focus on value for consumers and explore the regulatory expectations around the value that insurers provide.

Topics of discussion for this event will include the different elements that form a definition, or approach to the evaluation, of value for money. The ABI takes the view that the definition of value for money is a broad one and it involves a lot more than just costs. Value for money also incorporates good customer service, accessibility, and innovation, amongst others. This event will aim to explore all the different elements that make a product or service valuable for customers.

Other areas of value which this event may touch on include value in the distribution chain, the FCA’s work and review of product value guidance over Covid-19, and the measures the FCA has in place to assess the fair value of GI products and value for money in pensions, both in the short- and long-term.

What will delegates learn?

By the end of this event, delegates will be able to: 

  • Describe how can we define value for money in the general insurance and long-term savings sector and explain some key elements that make a product or service be of value for customers.
  • Understand how value can be used to differentiate firms in the marketplace rather than solely relying on price and how firms can apply value to their products and customer journey.
  • Identify how the FCA assesses the fair value of products.
  • Gain insight into what the regulatory expectations surrounding value for money are.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • James Daley, Managing Director, Fairer Finance


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