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Annual Conference 2022


Where: etc Venues - 155 Bishopsgate, 155 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 3YD

Registration: 8:15. The event will be followed by a networking drinks reception

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The ABI Annual Conference 2022 will be the standout insurance event of the year, bringing industry leaders, politicians and regulators together to debate the major issues affecting the insurance and long term savings industry.

Plenary panel sessions:

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Breakout sessions:

  • Morning sessions
    • A: Between a rock and a hard market: How insurers can navigate hardening markets and continue to provide value to customers [more details]
      Hardening markets are considered a natural part of the insurance market cycle. Over recent years, many GI business lines and markets have experienced a significant hardening, notably within professional indemnity, D&O, liability and contingency markets. These changes in conditions have been driven by both internal and external market factors, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, economic downturn and market altering events such as the Grenfell Tower fire and subsequent increased awareness of inadequate building regulations. As a consequence, the typical symptoms associated with hardening markets have, in certain sectors, become more apparent including increased rates, reduced capacity and a greater emphasis on risk selection. These can create significant public policy challenges if access to insurance becomes challenging. This session will consider the drivers behind recent market dynamics in GI, how best the industry can navigate some of the challenges associated with hardening insurance markets and how insurers can ensure they continue to provide good customer outcomes. This will be particularly relevant against the backdrop of the new GI Pricing rules launching in January 2022. Format: Case studies followed by panel Q&A
    • B: ‘What’s in it for me’: How will insurance change when customers control all of their health data? [more details]
      It’s 2030. Customers have direct control over their health data and can share it with third parties at the tap of a phone. Protection and health insurers no longer need to ask GPs for medical records to validate their health profile – they can ask customers to share their health data with them directly. A new relationship of trust will be born. But will this create new barriers across insurance markets? Or will it create opportunities to transform how insurers are able to use that health data to partner with customers protect and support their health? This session will peek into the future. It will assume the realisation of an NHS Digital Transformation that allows for patient-controlled data, with a Dragon’s Den consumer panel judging the potential insurance products of the future. Format: Product Pitch
    • C: Delivering fair value to customers in a digital age: key challenges and opportunities for insurers and long-term savings providers in 2022 and beyond [more details]
      Fair value and its role in underpinning healthy competition, good consumer outcomes and trust is a key regulatory focus for the FCA. At the same time, the growth in use of digital technologies create new opportunities as well as risks for consumers, firms and regulators. With the implementation of the FCA’s insurance pricing and automatic renewal remedies, the FCA’s development of a new Consumer Duty and increased engagement between regulators on how to apply rules and deliver positive outcomes for consumers and markets within both digital and more traditional environments, this session brings together industry stakeholders to consider the key risks and opportunities ahead. Topics for discussion and debate include: • How can firms ensure the price of products and services represents fair value for consumers? • How can regulation help consumers make informed and timely decisions about the products and services they buy? • In a digital age, what are the risks and opportunities for customers when making investment decisions? • How can digital innovations support competition and deliver good value for consumers as well as providing the appropriate protection? Format: Presentation followed by panel discussion
  • Afternoon sessions
    • D: The green transition: the role of General Insurers in helping society adapt to a low-carbon economy [more details]
      Addressing the impacts of climate changes means fundamental reforms to key sectors in the economy. Meeting the UK’s Carbon Budget target of a 78% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2035 will require considerable investment across the economy, including c£0.8trn on energy efficiency in buildings and 30,000 new electric vehicle charge points needed each year to meet the 2030 date for phasing out sales of non-EV vehicles. This session will look at how this rapid transformation will impact insurance markets, exploring both how the sector will have to evolve its products and practices and where insurers can drive this by incentivising behavioural change and working collaboratively with customers and the sector’s supply chain. Format: Case studies followed by panel Q&A
    • E: Financial resilience in the long-term savings journey: what are the crunch points and how can the industry help? [more details]
      The pandemic has made us re-evaluate financial security, with many people able to save more, and many others in desperate circumstances. Regulators are looking again at the pensions customer journey, the importance of cash savings and investments alongside pensions is more firmly recognised. Digital and personalised customer communications, with pension information combined with other financial data, can play a transformative role in helping savers understand and improve their own wellbeing. But does this go far enough in helping customers build and then draw upon their financial resilience? This session will hear how financially secure our customers really are; where the crunch points are in the customer journey when resilience is needed most; what communications and customer service can do to promote resilience; and whether radical policy changes such as early access in financial hardship would enable better outcomes for customers. Format: Presentation followed by panel discussion
    • F: Unleashing our sector’s assets for sustainable growth [more details]
      Climate change is rightly at the top of the agenda for ministers, regulators and the insurance and long-term savings industry alike. The imperative for policymakers is to increase the level of funding available for new infrastructure and technology that can help reduce and mitigate the impact of climate change, while more broadly refashioning the UK economy towards sustainable, long-term growth. Independent analysis suggests that ABI members could support up to one-third of the circa. £2.7 trillion of investment in infrastructure and energy transformation required to meet the UK’s Net Zero targets over the next thirty years. A key factor in influencing the assets that insurers choose to hold is prudential regulation. With HM Treasury’s Solvency II and Future Regulatory Framework (FRF) Reviews well under way, the insurance and long-term savings industry faces a once in a generation opportunity to consider how a more appropriate regulatory regime and framework could enable firms to redirect a greater portion of their more than £2 trillion in investments towards green assets. Format: Presentation followed by panel discussion

Why should you attend? 

  • Hear from industry leaders, politicians and regulators
  • Join the discussion on major issues affecting the insurance and long-term savings industry
  • Map out your own agenda with a choice of interactive breakout sessions covering a range of topics and delivered in a variety of engaging formats
  • Network with industry colleagues
  • Be a part of the standout insurance conference of the year
  • Take advantage of 5.5 hours of CPD with this CII accredited event 

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