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AM Roundtable: AI Rules: What next for the UK’s regulatory framework?


Where: Association of British Insurers - UK Head Office - London, One America Square, 17 Crosswall, London, EC3N 2LB, United Kingdom

Registration: 09:30

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Free event for members and associate members only. Due to limited numbers, we request that only one representative per member firm registers a place.

One year since publication of the government’s AI policy paper, and two months after the government’s deadline for regulators to publish their strategic approach to AI, this roundtable brings together AI experts working in the insurance and long-term savings industry, to discuss the developing regulatory framework for this fast-growing technology.  

AI can offer considerable benefits and opportunities, from business efficiencies to scientific breakthroughs.  But it brings a range of legal and regulatory risks.  What is the right regulatory balance between ensuring responsible use of AI and enabling innovation? How should the UK ensure its approach works for firms operating across borders? 

Join us at the ABI to hear from regulators and innovators on what next for AI in the UK.


Matt Q Linkedin.jpgMatt Quinn, Azure Data & AI Specialist Director, Financial Services, Microsoft 

By the end of this event, delegates will be able to:

  • Describe the key features of the UK’s approach to a regulatory framework for AI 
  • Outline some key risks associated with the implementation of AI 
  • Identify the key challenges relating to the implementation of a regulatory framework for AI 
  • Describe some use cases for AI in the insurance and long-term savings industry