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The Annual Conference Series: Financial resilience in the long-term savings journey: what are the crunch points and how can the industry help?

Recorded: 22/02/2022

Duration: 44 minutes

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The pandemic has made us re-evaluate financial security, with many people able to save more, and many others in desperate circumstances. Regulators are looking again at the pensions customer journey, the importance of cash savings and investments alongside pensions is more firmly recognised. Digital and personalised customer communications, with pension information combined with other financial data, can play a transformative role in helping savers understand and improve their own wellbeing. But does this go far enough in helping customers build and then draw upon their financial resilience?

This session hears how financially secure our customers really are; where the crunch points are in the customer journey when resilience is needed most; what communications and customer service can do to promote resilience; how to increase the availability of support to customers, particularly at retirement, and whether radical policy changes such as early access in financial hardship would enable better outcomes for customers.

What will you learn?

By the end of this session, delegates should be able to outline the impacts of the pandemic on financial resilience in different groups of the population; identify opportunities for the industry to go further to help customers, and for government and regulators to enable that to happen and describe the wider context and implications for UK savers of the changing economic circumstances.

Session speakers:

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