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The Annual Conference Series: Is general insurance living through a perfect storm?

Recorded: 22/02/2022

Duration: 45 minutes

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With hardening markets across many product lines, challenging reinsurance markets, and preparations for a once in a generation regulatory change on pricing, it could be said that the general insurance market is living through a perfect storm. Looking ahead to 2022 and the changes on the horizon, might the tide be about to turn? Or will the grave impacts of climate change, an ongoing pandemic, and the threat of many other headline-making loss events, such as a large-scale cyber-attack, mean that this is a state of play to get used to? This lively panel debate considers the overall state of the general insurance market, what routes there are to a more stable market, whether we should expect this period of instability to continue, and seeks to answer if general insurance is living through a perfect storm or not?

What will you learn?

By the end of this session, delegates should be able to identify current issues faced by customers and insurers due to indirect medical reporting processes and how they could be solved by patients sharing data with insurers directly; outline the opportunities to create value for customers through greater data fluidity between the NHS and insurers, driven by patients, and how this could create a new relationship of trust between insurers and the insured and describe how insurance products of the future could address gaps in public service to improve population health outcomes.

Session speakers:

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