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The Annual Conference Series 2023: Grand Designs - How can tax policy and regulation be part of the grand design for UK competitiveness?

Recorded: 21/02/2023

Duration: 1 hour

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The ABI Annual Conference 2023 was the standout insurance event of the year, bringing industry leaders, politicians and regulators together to debate the major issues affecting the insurance and long term savings industry.

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Breakout panel discussion on the UK’s Tax and Regulatory environment and how it is one of the key measures of UK competitiveness for Insurers. With the advent of a global minimum tax rate of 15% and the end of the traditional “race to the bottom” what steps can the UK take to improve their competitiveness on the international stage.

Hear from expert panellists as they gave insights on what they believe future UK Competitiveness looks like and what areas policy makers should prioritise in order that the UK remains a good place to locate and do business.

Breakout Session speakers:
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