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Making a claim

If you take out a pet insurance policy and need to make a claim for vet fees, the insurer will require certain information from you and your vet. The claims process may differ between insurers, so it’s important to read your policy or talk to your insurer, so you are aware of how to make a claim. However, typical requirements include: 

  • When registering a claim, you may be asked questions by the insurer such as what the claim is for; or what the illness/injury is; when you first noticed the pet became unwell; which vet you have attended and the first date of any treatment.
  • Most insurers will want to see the pet’s medical history and a vet invoice as part of any medical claim.
  • If more than one vet is involved (for example if the pet is referred to a specialist or required emergency out of hours treatment), insurers will normally require information from all vets involved.
  • Most insurers are happy to deal directly with vets, however it is the responsibility of the policyholder to make sure the insurer receives all the necessary information to pay a claim.
  • Where a claim is paid, payment can be made directly from the insurer to the vet if authorised by the policyholder. However, not all vets will accept direct payment from insurers, some may prefer payment from the customer. This is the vet’s choice and not something insurers or customers can decide.

For non-vet fee claims, your pet insurance policy will explain what information your insurer will need to process the claim. For example, if you are looking to claim for the purchase price of your pet, your insurer may request your pet’s pedigree certificate and purchase price information.