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Friend or Foe? Innovation, insurance and trust in a new age of healthcare


Where: Association of British Insurers - UK Head Office - London, One America Square, 17 Crosswall, London, EC3N 2LB

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What we know about our health has long been evolving but we now stand on the edge of a revolution in healthcare that could develop at a pace not seen before. Recent developments, such as the roll out of the Genomics Medicine Service and the use of AI in diagnostics, signal a revolution in accurate diagnoses and wider use of personalised medicine with greater sources of information. These changes will benefit individuals and society, fundamentally changing healthcare and what we all know about our own health.  

However, central to these changes is the need to engender trust in how information about individuals is used by healthcare providers and the third parties such as health and protection insurers.Insurers have a choice to use technology to optimise individual customers and homogenise their risk pools – or can go the other way and polarise risk, reducing access.Can insurers overcome historic barriers in trust to utilise revolutionary change to evolve and support consumers in living a healthier and protected life or will concerns in use of data and access to insurance leave insurers at odds with the customer at large?

This event will explore the opportunities and the challenges, looking at the rapid developments of today and the possibilities of tomorrow.

Why attend?

  • Gain an understanding of all the changes taking place in healthcare today and what these mean for insurance
  • Understand consumer views about accessing insurance and trust in how information about their health is used
  • Hear the challenges that insurers will face as healthcare revolutionises and consumers learn more about their own health and future risk
  • Join the debate and ask questions of leading industry figures, consumer bodies and those in government
  • Take advantage of 2.5 hours’ worth of CPD with this CII accredited event

Keynote speaker: 

  • Dr Mark Bale, Head of Science Partnerships, Genomics England                             
  • Sarah Castell, Head of Public Dialogue & Qualitative Methods, Ipsos MORI

Confirmed speakers: 

  • Daniel Ryan, Head of Insurance Risk Research, Managing Director, Swiss Re 
  • Peter Banthorpe, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Research and Development, RGA Reinsurance Company 
  • Nick Rendle, Head of Client Propositions, SCOR
  • Dr Subashini M, Associate Medical Director, Aviva
  • Jules Constantinou, Life/Health Regional Manager, Gen Re
  • Dr Vinita Chhay, Associate Partner - Healthcare & Health Insurance, IBM 
  • Dr Jayne Spink, CEO, The Genetic Alliance UK
  • Will Marshall, Partner Healthcare, DWF LLP
  • Huw Evans, Director General, ABI
  • Dr Yvonne Braun, Director of Long-Term Savings and Protection Policy, ABI
  • James Dalton, Director, General Insurance Policy
  • Roshani Hewa, Assistant Director, Head of Protection & Health, ABI
  • Matt Cullen, Assistant Director, Head of Strategy, Data and Analytics, ABI


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