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How insurers' approach to systemic risk is changing and what this means for the general insurance market


Where: Webinar - Link will be shared with registered delegates on the morning of the event

Registration: 09:55

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This event will be delivered as a live webinar. Register before bookings close at 17:00 on Wednesday 6 July.

Approaches to systemic risks, such as climate change, cyber, war and pandemics, are changing and this will undoubtably have an impact on both general insurers and the market as a whole. This webinar will consider what the main systemic risks facing the industry are, how insurers thinking on systemic risks has changed in recent years, how changing approaches to systemic risks are impacting the market and insurers business operations, and whether learnings from recent experiences (such as Covid-19) can be applied to the other systemic risks threatening the industry.

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Why attend?

  • To gain an understanding of what insurers mean by ‘systemic risks’ and how they are impacting general insurance markets.
  • Discover how recent events have impacted insurers approach to systemic risks.
  • Learn how insurers have modified their business operations in response to the threats posed by systemic risks.
  • Discuss whether insurance markets in the UK and globally can apply learnings from recent market experiences to wider systemic risks.

What will delegates learn?

  • Consider how learnings from recent events can be applied to wider systemic risks, such as cyber.
  • Assess how approaches to systemic risk may change or develop in the future, in the UK and more widely, and how insurance might react to that.
  • Compare the UK with global insurance markets when it comes to learning from market experiences and applying these to wider systemic risks.
  • Understand some of the effects of the systemic risk on insurers business operations and practices.

Keynote speaker: 

  • Andrew Rogan, Director of Operational Resilience, UK Finance

Speakers confirmed:

  • Caroline Dunn, UK Chief Underwriting Officer, Zurich
  • Cecile Fresneau, Managing Director, Insurance Division, QBE
  • James Dalton, Director of Policy, General Insurance, ABI


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