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Member Roundtable - Cyber-Enabled Insurance Fraud


Where: Association of British Insurers - UK Head Office - London, One America Square, 17 Crosswall, London, EC3N 2LB, United Kingdom

Registration: 09:30

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Member Roundtable – Fighting fraud in a digital world: Cyber-Enabled Insurance Fraud

Fraud continues to be the most prominent threat facing the UK. It is now the single biggest crime type in England and Wales and an estimated 86% of fraud is committed online. In a rapidly changing society that is becoming ever more dependent on digital infrastructure, online fraud and scams have become even more prominent over recent years. Online financial scams impact both the insurance and long-term savings sectors, with ghost broking, paid for scam advertisements, Google Ad spoofing and clone investment scams being just some examples.   

In the second Associate Member roundtable of 2023, we will discuss cyber-enabled insurance fraud. This roundtable will explore how the insurance and long-term savings’ sector is combatting cyber-enabled fraud, through improving understanding the cyber fraud threat landscape and collaborating with law enforcement to investigate and prosecute online fraudsters. We will also explore the role of the legal sector in the fight against fraud and how improved cooperation can help prevent fraud and protect innocent consumers. 

Confirmed Speakers :

John Davies.jpgJohn Davies, Intelligence & Investigations Manager Insurance Fraud Bureau 

tom-hill.jpgDCI Tom Hill, Head of Unit, Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department


Chair: Mark Allen, Assistant Director, Head of Fraud & Financial Crime, ABI


Cyber Enabled Fraud Threat Landscape - John Davies, Insurance Fraud Bureau  

  • This keynote address by the Insurance Fraud Burau (IFB) will focus on how the current fraud threat landscape is evolving, including how it has changed in recent years, how the increasing digitalisation of society has affected threat landscape, the main type of cyber-enabled frauds and how the industry counter-fraud response is adapting to these changes.


Combating Cyber-Enabled Insurance Fraud - DCI Tom Hill, Head of Unit, Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department

  • This keynote address by DCI Tom Hill, Head of Unit, Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department (IFED) will explore the work of IFED, focusing on how they work with insurers to combat cyber-enabled insurance fraud and key case studies of successful investigations and convictions as well as highlighting the role they play in preventing and supporting victims of cyber-enabled fraud.   


Police Response to Cyber Crime - Inspector Charlie Morrison, City of London Police

  • This keynote address from the City of London Police will focus on the wider policing response to cybercrime and online fraud, including the other cyber threats facing individuals and businesses, police initiatives to help businesses protect themselves from cyber threats and how the police cooperate with businesses and law firms to improve cyber resilience.


Roundtable Discussion - What is the role of the legal sector in the fight against cyber-enabled insurance fraud?

This roundtable discussion will address questions such as:

  • What difference will the Online Safety Bill make to tackling online insurance scams?
  • Is existing legislation, such as the Fraud Act 2006, and the current judicial system working effectively and fit for purpose for prosecuting fraud in the digital age?
  • What more can be done to deter fraudsters? Are harsher judicial sanctions or penalties the answer?
  • How can the insurance sector better support the victims of online fraud?
  • How can cooperation between the insurance and legal sectors to combat cyber-enabled fraud be improved? How can cooperation between the public and private sectors be improved?

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