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All change please: are we keeping up with shifting consumer expectations and digital disruption?

Welcome to the second event of the Future Leaders programme!

The world is changing around us, but are insurers’ keeping up? The theme of the second Future Leaders event is about change. This event will explore what the future of the industry could look like and how business leaders can harness technological innovations ethically, and fairly, to deliver and exceed, shifting consumer expectations. This session will also explore how firms navigate a post-coronavirus economic landscape.

See below the links you'll need to access each session and some information about the topics we will cover...

12:15 Lunch break

13:15 From protection to prevention, innovation and Open Finance: what does the future of the sector look like?

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This panel will introduce delegates to the changing way in which providers engage with consumers across all parts of the insurance and long-term savings industry. 

14:05 Screen break & independent reflections

14:20 From climate change to Coronavirus: managing external risks and building resiliency

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The Coronavirus pandemic has revealed a protection gap for businesses and individuals and has resulted in the perceived failure of the insurance industry. Equally, the protection gap that will arise from the consequences of climate change and rising temperatures could lead to the same policy and reputational crisis.

15:25 Screen break & independent reflections

15:40 CEO in the hot seat – leading in times of change

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Building on the theme of change, this candid CEO session will consider what it means to be a leader during times of change and the recovering post-pandemic economy.

16:30 Wrap up and reflections

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Questions to consider while reflecting:

  • What is your one key take-away from today about the future of our industry?
  • How could you implement strategic foresight in your role going forward?
  • What steps can you take as a leader to prepare for upcoming challenges and opportunities?

Please remember to nominate a group member to feedback to all. Please add your thoughts and reflections into this padlet. To add a post to the board, simply click the + button in the relevant column. You're welcome to add comments to other delegates' posts as they are added.

17:00 Virtual networking reception

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future leaders remo.pngJoin us after the second event of the ABI Future Leaders programme to meet with the other attendees, enjoy a cocktail at home and reflect on your learnings from the day.

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Thank you for attending today's event. We'd really appreciate your feedback to ensure we're able to continuously improve the programme. Please share your thoughts here.

We're looking forward to seeing you at the next event on 9 September - please save the date! If you would like to take advantage of free and exclusive access to other ABI events in the meantime, please contact events@abi.org.uk.