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Workplace wellbeing

According to the Office of National Statistics, in 2016 an estimated 137.3 million working days were lost due to sickness or injury in the UK. Employers are actively investing in workplace wellness programmes to support their employees improve their health. 

Insurers are committed to improving health and wellbeing in the workplace so that employees can better understand and manage their health.

Insurers can do this by:

  • Offering comprehensive health assessments
  • Introducing initiatives aimed at improving your physical activity
  • Offering incentives for healthy life styles

Workplace wellness programmes are designed to support employees manage their health and prevent or delay the onset of illness. Firms with healthier employees are more likely to have higher levels of staff retention, a motivated workforce and increased productivity.

Individual wellbeing

Insurers want to better understand your behaviour and risks so that they can tailor a health plan to help you stay healthier for longer. Some insurers offer regular health assessments so you can understand your health risk areas and leave with improvement strategies.

Wearable devices and innovations in technology, allows both you and the insurer to monitor key metrics, which is proven to have tangible benefits for prevention. With the use of this technology you can self-assess your health on the go, in an easy and convenient manner.

Many health insurance providers offer incentives and rewards to help keep you on track on your health plan and boost your wellbeing. 

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