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Case study 20: Old Mutual going the extra mile

Last December, Old Mutual received a request from a customer wanting to withdraw £20,000 as a mixture of tax-free cash and income. It became clear that the customer had been through a sensitive divorce process, where she has been forced to move out of the family home. She had subsequently moved into rented accommodation with her young son and needed the money to pay the rent, otherwise they faced eviction.

It also transpired that she had been recently diagnosed with cancer but had not yet informed her son. The customer was clearly very emotional and becoming desperate due to the impending payment deadline. Therefore the call agent escalated the case to senior managers. Due to a delay with a transfer from another scheme, the senior managers agreed to do everything possible in their power to ensure the customer receives the money as soon as possible.

Old Mutual agreed to accept a charge for a same-day CHAPS payment from the ceding scheme to allow for an immediate payment to the customer. The customer contacted Old Mutual to confirm she had received the money and to pass on her appreciation, particularly given the proximity to Christmas and the fact that she was able to buy her son gifts.

Inspired to make the customer’s Christmas as magical as possible, Old Mutual purchased a Lego set for her son, and a hamper of ‘Lush’ cosmetics for her. Old Mutual sent them out with a card, hand-written by the agent who handled her case. She called back again to offer her thanks: “The money is in my account. Thank you so much for your help and support. You have no idea how much your help means to me. I have had a difficult 2 years and what you have done has made me feel there are good people out there.”