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Accessing flood insurance

People whose homes have been flooded in the past or who live in flood-prone areas can find it more difficult than others to access affordable insurance.

If you are experiencing problems buying insurance follow the ABI’s tips:

  • shop around – price comparison websites are not always the best place to buy flood insurance. Contact companies directly or speak to an insurance broker throughthe British Insurance Brokers’ Association to find the right policy for you.
  • consider commissioning a property-level flood risk survey, but check first if your insurer is able to take surveys into account when assessing whether or not to insure your property. For more information see assessing your flood risk
  • consider installing flood defence measures, such as flood doors, airbrick covers and raised electrical sockets, in parallel with a property-level flood risk survey. For more information see assessing your flood risk
  • contact the National Flood Forum, a national charity which supports individuals and communities at risk of flooding

The introduction of Flood Re has made it much easier for people living in flood risk homes to access affordable home insurance.  More information is available here