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Preparing for a flood

If you are expecting flooding in your area there are a number of steps you can take to limit the damage to your property:

  • move your most valuable possessions upstairs or out of your home if possible
  • if you have a car try to move it to higher ground
  • keep your insurance policy documents and contact details for your electricity and water suppliers somewhere safe
  • prepare a bag of emergency supplies in case you have to evacuate your property. Include items such as:        
    • bottled water
    • spare house and car keys
    • a small amount of cash
    • blankets
    • a torch
    • essential medicines  

You can take some precautions to help minimise the impact of flooding on your property.  

If you live in England or Wales, and bad weather is forecast, check the Environment Agency’s live flood warning map or Natural Resources Wales / Check flood warnings to see live information.

If you live in England, Wales or Scotland, sign up for a free flood warning service to receive a phone call, text or email if there is a danger of local flooding:

Consider installing flood defence measures, such as flood doors, airbrick covers and raised electrical sockets, in parallel with a property-level flood risk survey. 

For more information on property-level flood risk surveys see assessing your flood risk. For advice on installing flood defence measures see the National Flood Forum and the Flood Protection Association websites.