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Volunteer drivers

Motor insurers recognise that policyholders who want to help their communities through volunteer driving need clear and accurate information.

The ABI has introduced volunteer driving commitments to provide guidance on the matter. The following page sets out information on volunteering in general.

If you are a volunteer driver you may not automatically be covered by your regular motor insurance policy.

Volunteer drivers are those who work for voluntary organisations but do not receive any payment for their work.

Some insurers cover volunteer driving within regular motor insurance policies while others may charge an extra premium or impose a higher excess for volunteer drivers.

If you use your own vehicle for volunteer driving:

  • contact your insurer to find out if you are covered by your regular motor insurance policy
  • include your volunteer driving miles when declaring your annual mileage to your insurer

If you use a voluntary organisation’s vehicle for volunteer driving:

  • you should be covered by the voluntary organisation’s insurance, but always check with each organisation to be sure

Insurers who do not charge extra for volunteer driving have signed up to the ABI’s volunteer driving– the motor insurance commitment (pdf 781kB). This commitment applies to private cars insured on private car insurance. Some of these insurers require you to tell them that you are using your vehicle for volunteer driving even though they do not charge an extra premium.

Next steps

Contact your insurer if:

  • they have signed up to the ABI’s commitment but they require you to tell them you are a volunteer driver
  • they have not signed up to the ABI’s commitment as you may have to pay an extra premium to ensure you are fully covered

For more information on insurance and volunteers see voluntary organisations.