Kelly Coombes

Senior Risk Consultant: Climate Change Lead, Sicsic

Kelly Coombes is a climate risk consultant focusing on the management of financial risks from climate change. She combines her in-depth knowledge of insurance and risk management together with her work and study of environmental damage, sustainability and climate change impacts. Kelly currently focuses on helping companies embed best practices for mitigating financial impact from climate related risks; providing guidance and tools to assess their unique long term risk horizon.

She has 15 years of experience in the insurance sector, where she spent 8 years at AIG as Regional Underwriting Manager and Regional Product Manager. She has extensive experience in both commercial and consumer products across the EMEA region. Her experience at AIG helps her understand the mechanics of large multinational companies, while appreciating the subtleties and differences of local countries. She also spent 7 years in broking concentrating mostly on historical Environmental Impairment Liability risk transfer.

Kelly has an MSc in Environmental Policy Planning and Regulation from London School of Economics London, United Kingdom, and an Honours BA in Political Science and International Relations from Bishop’s University, Quebec, Canada.