• The significance of the Financial Guidance and Claims Bill


    In light of the increasing number of scams and growing culture of nuisance calls, the passing of the Financial Guidance and Claims Bill will mark an important step forward in ensuring…

  • Brexit chicken


    In the famous 1955 film Rebel Without a Cause, James Dean and Corey Allen race stolen cars towards a cliff edge in the classic game of chicken, where the loser is the first driver to jump out of the car.

  • Four Takeaways from the Green Finance Taskforce report


    It is now over two years since a landmark climate deal was agreed at COP21 in Paris. Since then, much of the public attention has focused on the USA’s attitude to the agreement, but behind the scenes, attention has turned to making the ambition of a low-carbon world a reality.

  • Retirement saving and the self-employed: we’re looking for not one answer, but many


    It’s a week to go until a two day tech innovation event, jointly hosted by the ABI, Department for Work and Pensions and HM Treasury, which will explore retirement saving options for the…

  • Is digital technology the key to unlocking the self-employed’s pension participation puzzle?


    Pension participation has been revolutionised over the past 6 years. Since the introduction of automatic enrolment in 2012, participation in workplace pensions has hit an all-time high. This is a…

  • The State of the Market


    Over the last two years - a wide range of forces have been exerted on the UK insurance and long-term savings market. Long-term savings firms have continued to adjust to a world of auto-enrolment and…

  • Future Leaders Q&A with Garry Simmons


    Future Leaders is an executive development programme for up and coming senior insurance industry leaders. The programme was created in consultation with insurers to complement and add to the…

  • We need to have honest conversations about LGBT+ inclusion


    To introduce myself, my name is Benjamin Scotter. I’m a Private Clients Underwriter during the day; and I also Co-Chair the Aviva Pride network – our well established LGBT+Allies employee network at…

  • Guest blog: Working together on personal injury reform


    (All guest blogs represent the views of the individual and do not necessarily represent the views of the ABI or its membership.) As a claimant solicitor, and passionate defender of the right of…

  • Sending a message through the living wage


    London - one of the greatest, but most expensive cities in the world. Despite being a destination for keen job seekers looking for opportunities to build a career, being able to live and work here…